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Also, the ones who are attractive and have grown up in the area are basically spoiled princesses who have been having their asses kissed their whole lives and have no concept of reality.” # “I went down there with a buddy this past summer for 3-4 days and hopped from Dupont, Adams Morgan, and U Street. 1223 is gone and now it’s called Dirty Martini and it’s not even a club anymore. I was at Public and Rumors last weekend and it was such a sausage party. Two years ago I went to their international night and it was four floors of model-looking chicks of every race. Even during the day and after work Dupont used to have a lot of hot girls walking around. I’m a white dude and I like white girls with a few exceptions here and there.The demographics of this area have shifted dramatically where there are so many Asians, Middle Easterns, blacks, and Hispanics that 1/5 of the girls out that night are actually white (and that doesn’t mean they are slim or attractive or single).Sometimes, I dream of being a tall celebrity cat as that seems to be about the only foolproof method of getting GOOD-LOOKING women in DC.” # “I’ve also noticed that the au-pair market has shrunk.

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It’s difficult to explore nightlife is cities that are both prosperous and large because everything is so segmented.

There’s the weird house clubs, and there’s the expensive lounges, and there’s the area where the grunge kids go.

Because so many people work for the government some way or another and make decent money, there is no income segregation and all the races party at the same places.

There is a shortage of white girls and girls from Latin American countries like Brazil or Argentina.” # “I think last time I was at Modern I felt like I was in Asia.” # “A ton of status whoring, fake people, degree chasers, one uppers, the ‘I care less than you do’ crowd.” # “First conversation starter is always “What’s your job?

Therefore I don’t know how representative my two nights in Santiago were. A horrible misunderstanding sent me and a few gringos into house club in Bellavista.

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