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The term doesn't make much of a judgment as to whether the game is bad or good, mind you, but the very presence of this kind of spirit is enough to draw a certain type of gamer.My Horse Prince [Free] is an amazing bit of baka-ge, a tapper that seems to find endless joy in warping its equine protagonist's body in nonsensical ways, sending up visual novel tropes, and making terrible dad-jokes.Then, someone showed me Usaya's Uma no Prince-Sama [Free], and suddenly, I need a whole new scale for measuring weirdness...

So she goes to a ranch because there are horses there. So a horse with the face of a man walks over and *sparkles* at you. is part resource management simulator, part conversational sim, and entirely a game about trying to get a horse to become romantically interested in dating you.

The gameplay opens when you feed your new boyfriend carrots in a pen and try to guess the right things to say to him so he'll like you more.

While horse-racing is more popular with older men, horses themselves are as popular with Japanese women as they are with anyone else. Maybe a dating sim that takes place on a farm, where your heroine has to choose among several handsome farmhands? Your character is a normal human girl, and it's not like the absurdity of the situation escapes her.

Or perhaps a riding club, where the men battle each other in competitions, seeking to win your approval? And yet, there's something compelling about this , on the wall beside the heroine's head) or gently lifting the heroine's chin with his hoof so he can peer into her eyes.

I gave some thought to the idea of taking a week off, but we haven't missed a Reload in three and a half years and I don't plan on changing that.

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