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by  |  16-May-2014 12:52

In order to keep up with this trend the temples sometimes sponsor local community events to narrow the meeting pool even more.

So, go out, have a drink, make a friend, or a life time connection!

Z, a recent and now single mother, and an old friend, tells me over a casual conversation on Facebook that she has downloaded three of the umpteen "dating apps" on her newly purchased smartphone and intends to "take the swipe at" some of the somebodies around town. As advertisements showcasing a barrage of mobile applications and websites promising "boy and girl browsing" explode on our television screens, the conventions of and behind "dating" - courtship, going out, relationship - change exponentially.

There is no shortage of those interested in mingling and now there is no longer a lack of places and events to make that possible.

Now all that is left to do is to get out there and use your resources to their fullest potential.

Recurring events like Basement Bhangra at the club Sounds of Brazil, Bollywood Nights at Tonic, Lotus Fridays and Saavn’s Friday’s at Earth provide the perfect platform for anyone looking to meet singles in the area.

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