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Picture taking has become so important that a visit to a studio will probably be inevitable.

During the wedding reception formal photos with different set-ups of relatives, neigbors, friends and co-workers are indispensable.

Also on a daily basis Indonesian women and men realize they are falling in love with a bule (foreigner) or turis (tourist).

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A video recording of the wedding will undoubtedly be as valuable as the wedding album.

A West Sumatran wedding reception (video) Indonesians are generally a very religious people, and increasingly so.

For a marriage of mixed race couples, one living overseas, concessions will likely be made by sqeezing the several stages into a week or several days.

The most essential part of te wedding will be the religious ceremony, either in the mosque or in church.

Although freedom of religion is anchored within the Constitution, in everyday life the translation of that right is a bit different.

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