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And after all of that effort, you open a conversation with “Hey sexy”? In that one sentence, you’ve said “Hey, I didn’t bother to read that thing that you slaved over to give me a sense of the essence of you—I’m only interested in what you look like and I like what I see.” You gave no effort to get to know me. You expressed interest in the shallowest part of my being and somehow you’re surprised when I don’t bother with a response? I don’t waste time on men who will never respect me. And then ask me a question—preferably not a “yes” or “no” answer one so that I know what to say in my response to you. Just say, “oh, interesting” and then move on to the next subject. If you say “I don’t know anything about that” or “I hate that”, then you’ve just sucked all the wind out of the sails of the conversation boat. Don’t suggest that you’re going to spank me for being a bad girl. If I don’t require that a man at least exchange 8-10 emails with me, then there is a really good chance that on that first date, he will stand me up.A good conversationalist always leaves a door open to more conversation. You want to keep that boat moving because it’s what takes you to Date Land. Even if that is my thing, you haven’t earned the right to say it yet. So don’t be surprised if other women have had that same experience and insist on spending a little more time getting to know you before agreeing to meet.

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If there is a beer in your hand in every photo, I assume you’re a drunk.

If you’re in a costume in every photo, I assume you’re a child. First Contact Ever wonder why you don’t get women contacting you?

I spoke from the heart about what was important to me. I agonized over which photos to include and what they said about me.

I said “great kisser” when I meant “great in bed” hoping that you would understand what I meant but not take it as an invitation to talk about sex.

Ali Reed’s fake profile ‘aaroncarterfan’ may seem horrible, but it is definitely not the most ignorant I’ve seen.

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