autism dating and socialization - Interracial dating commentary

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It is easy to see how a white woman who wanted a masculine man would find a good-looking black guy appealing.

Also, given that white women today seem to dislike white men almost as much as blacks do, dating a black guy may be a way of getting even.

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Does the Bible permit or forbid interracial dating and marriage?

Were the ancient Israelites racially "pure" when they left Egyptian bondage?

(White women, incidentally, at least some of them, similarly resent Asian women, who charm white men by virtue of their femininity and looks.

Asian women, however, are few enough as not to pose a real threat.) The media and advertising industry understand the color code perfectly. On average, white men hate to see black men dating whites. Instincts involving sex aren't always obvious, but they are there, and powerful.

The effects for a long time will be mainly psychological, as statistically significant blending won't occur soon.

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