Uk mobile sex chatrooms - Intimidating your boss

by  |  21-Jun-2015 08:11

Whether you're on a small staff or facing a busy time of year, there are times when your boss asks you to do a bit extra, and part of you just wants to say, “Isn’t there someone else who could do it?

So at the workplace you have to strike a gentle note to your being the boss around – and try not to be “bossy”.

To be a good leader you must make sure that the work gets done and often it is not through pleasantries that you can get that accomplished, instead of high-handedness have some rules in place at all times.

Your boss asks you to take on a new project, and your first thought is: "There is just no way." Maybe it's because you're already juggling three projects near deadline, or maybe you fundamentally disagree with his strategy.

Sure, you could try to just power through all of the projects or propose something you think a client wouldn't be interested in, but you probably know that's neither the best nor the most professional option.

A Staff Writer/Editor for The Muse, Sara has experience managing programs; recruiting, interviewing, and referring job applicants; building strategic partnerships; advising executive directors; and supporting a national network of volunteers.

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