Invalidating environments during upbringing

by  |  25-Sep-2014 09:34

The fact of the matter is, some children are not allowed to express themselves emotionally, even when they’re not putting their parents in the line of fire of people who just want to wait in line at Starbucks in peace.Some children are habitually shut down emotionally by their parents or caregivers.“The model hypothesizes that BPD results from a transaction over time that can follow several different pathways, with the initial degree of disorder more on the biological side in some cases and more on the environmental side in others,” Linehan said in a 1997 article in .

Oversimplification of life’s difficulties leads to unrealistic goals.

Those with BPD tend to have an inability to use reward instead of punishment for small steps toward final goals.

As adults, BPD individuals adopt the characteristics of the invalidating environment in which they grow up.

Looking to others for accurate reflections of reality and oversimplifying the ease of solving life’s problems characterize this self-invalidation.

When they fail to achieve these goals they are filled with self-hate.

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