Irish dating customs

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The stable snack in Ireland, the crunchy cheese and onion crisp that has your back, the salt and vinegar potatoe chip that brings you through the dark days, and the ultimate tayto sandwich that tastes like home. All you think about is that greasy fry that's waiting for you after mass and that prospect of a cup of tea in 30 minutes gets you through the ordeal.

Perishable items sent through the post go for a high price in the black market, you may find yourself paying an arm or a leg for those clonakilty sausages, or kilmeadin cheese and lets not even discuss the price tag put on fields bread, the most popular sliced pan known to Irishman. Get your body of Christ and out the door, straight home to cook up a storm and watch the match.

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You only have to look at Paddy's Day to see that it's a global celebration that people take part in and for no other reason really then to have a good old fashioned time of it.

Sure we're all over the moon that the patron saint of Ireland banished the snakes from the country for us, he's a great old fella for that.

It occupies one-sixth of the island it shares with the independent Republic of Ireland.

Northern Ireland is composed of six of the twenty-nine counties of Ireland, covering about 5,452 square miles (14,120 square kilometers).

But I don't think that's why the people of is a born performer with golden locks and a colgate smile, but because it's just fun to both watch, and attempt to take part in yourself.

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