Is christian kane still dating whitney duncan

by  |  25-Oct-2016 12:27

Met Morraccan actress and model Sofia Pernas in 2011 on the Leverage set.Dates vary, but clearly by the time the wrapped filming in June 2011 they were a couple.

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As far as the relationships he's had or if he's in one now, i don't know, sorry, but like i said that's something he doesn't talk about. : DD I think he has a girlfriend named Whitney Duncan.

She is a country music singer that he met when he was writing songs in Nashville a few years ago. I heard they broke up before he started doing Leverage but then i read somewhere else that they are still together so who knows.

Era amic d'en David Boreanaz fins i tot abans que aquest fos elegit per interpretar Àngel. Li encanta cuinar grans menjars, inclús quan ho fa només per a ell.

Com a esports favorits i bon texà és aficionat al futbol americà, i es fan dels Dallas Cowboys des de nen.

But she is the last real girlfriend i have heard about.

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