Is my boyfriend on craiglist dating

by  |  03-Nov-2015 13:06

They have ready made answers to pacify the gullible.

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People eventually got wise to what was happening and would keep an eye on their emails.

Flagging became such a huge problem (and still is) that people would have to make multiple posts, or constantly check their emails just to keep their posts active.

Reasons This Might Happen Here are all the reasons I could think of for a man to keep a profile active while he’s in a relationship. He’s not sure that he likes his current relationship. It’s along the lines of a boyfriend who continues to talk to the ex that he just broke up with and I think it’s reasonable to ask him to stop.

If you’re not comfortable asking him to stop, I have one other recommendation.

Strangely enough, this situation seems to happen more often than I would expect: after finding a serious relationship some men still keep their online dating profile active.

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