Is roc royal dating zendaya

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As their father President Obama put it in his emotional speech: "They grow up so fast...

Now Malia is going off to college." The girls' education, their fashion, the family dog and whether or not Malia is dating – all the details on their lives have been closely followed by the world’s press ever since the Obamas entered the White House seven years ago.

Photos: Instagram " src="/images/stories/1/2016/03/15/000/147/695/gallery_5_3.jpg"A new generation of youngsters are shaking up the celebrity scene, while still only in their teens.

She quickly gained recognition after uploading videos of herself covering Jay Z songs on You Tube.

Although she still lives with her parents and occasionally babysits her siblings, pretty much everything else has changed in the last few years.

"It was the first time I saw fans literally camping outside of my hotel, in the rain, waiting for me with presents and candies..tamales! "It was just so much love – 40,000 people came to the show each night.

And I thought, ' Here I am, in the motherland, connected to my roots and connected to my dream.

Keeping up with the Kardashians – have built on their family’s star power.

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