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In Townhouse apartments, students share the unit with two to three students but, have a larger kitchen and living room.

All students have access to kitchen and bathroom facilities.

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She landed on Earth with the same level of emotional intelligence about sex as she has now.

I mean, near the end of this week's episode, Kara literally rips out the pages of a National City guide book that contains information on strip clubs.

Kids are fans of the show, DC on TV is family-angled (mostly?

), and showing Kara or Barry sweating up the sheets might not only be boring to the children but something the parents aren't going to want to have to explain. The youth shouldn't be learning about lovemaking from a speedster anyway.

Remember when she also caught Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Siobhan (Italia Ricci) doing the exact same thing (like, the same thing) and basically needed a fainting couch.

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