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The shareholders allege that the Appellees' securities law violations caused them economic loss during the class period. The shareholders also note a large number of stock trades made by the insider Appellees during the class period. Any one of these suffices for the defendant; a top-to-bottom reading of the statute shows that the plaintiff's inability to show knowledge of falsity is only relevant if the defendant is unable to produce meaningful cautionary statements or evidence of immateriality.

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Our review of the complaint leads us to depart from the district court's narrow construction of the complaint.

We agree with the shareholders and conclude that the complaint adequately presents a claim of falsity.

Before DUBINA, Chief Judge, BIRCH and BLACK, Circuit Judges. Under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”) Board Opinion No. The accounting experience of some of the Jabil executives, however, fails to provide the critical distinction here because the shareholders do not plead any facts that indicate that any individual Appellee knew about the accounting irregularities during the class period.

Appellants Laborers Pension Trust Fund for Northern California and Pension Trust Fund for Operating Engineers (“the shareholders”) appeal the district court's order dismissing their class action securities law claims against Jabil Circuit, Inc. 25 (“APB 25”), however, backdated options must be recorded as a compensation expense to the corporation because they effectively give recipients immediate compensation in the form of options redeemable in the marketplace for profit. As a result, the allegations of misrepresentations, responsibility for granting misdated options, and personal profiteering fail to raise a strong enough inference of scienter here, just as they failed to do so in Rosenberg.

The complaint must allege some information about the insider's trading history for us to determine whether “the level of trading is dramatically out of line with prior trading practices at times calculated to maximize the personal benefit from undisclosed inside information.” See id. As a result, there is no way to determine from the complaint that the sales of large numbers of shares is suspicious enough to add to an inference of scienter. Courts should not examine the state of mind of the person making the statement.” H.

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