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They left the group’s 15 Sakhalin huskies in the base, expecting that they would be able to return soon.

However due to the weather condition and fuel shortages, the group is not able to make it back.

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Mari runs for help and members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces are able to rescue them.

Unfortunately, because of the strong wind and the grave condition of Aya’s grandfather, the rescuers cannot stay for long and have to go, leaving Mari and her puppies behind. Ryota and Aya decide to rescue the dogs before torrential rain floods their village but fail to do so.

Named Mari, the Shiba inu gives birth to three puppies a year after.

On October 23, 2004, a powerful earthquake strikes the village where the family lives. The family’s house collapses and the two are trapped inside.

Spoilers are kept at a minimum, so yes, you’re welcome.

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