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In 2002, Arashi co-starred in their first movie together called Pikanchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy in 2004.He also starred in the film Tokyo Tower as a womanizer with a preference for older women with Junichi Okada the same year.

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However, in 2004, Matsumoto appeared in the stage play West Side Story with bandmates Satoshi Ohno and Sho Sakurai.

In 20, Matsumoto was given his first lead stage play roles in Eden no Higashi .

In 2007, Arashi starred in their third movie together Kiiroi Namida while Matsumoto was cast in the independent film Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru with Nana Eikura as his co-star.

He portrayed the lead character Yori Yūki , a high school student who falls in love and develops a romantic relationship with his younger twin sister.

As a matter of fact, the day before last year’s Kouhaku the couple ate yakiniku with the Oguris in the city.

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