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by  |  09-Sep-2016 12:21

This country is a nation full of brainless sheeple who believe in things strictly because of popular belief not because of truth.

The sad thing is that these same people will go on living there entire life according to the thoughts and ideas of others instead of making up their own mind and standing by their decision.

I gave up a great guy because sexual compatibility is very important too. If you've ever had one that "popped" your insides(and if you had it happen to you, this would never be an arguement because you would never be the same again afterwards) then you would know, without a doubt, it IS better with a man who has got a bit more down south to make love to you with!

There is nothing like making crazy love to a man who is pounding your every centimeter inside to the point that all you can do is crawl backwards.

Bigest problem i had was at the beach with friends,or at a pool party,she would always brag about my penis to her friends,and i would always be stared at,as mine doesnt shrink,it gets softer,but the lenghth and most of the girth still for her,but for me i wish i had a normal 6incher,thank god i,m not with her anymore,and my swimming is done at nude beaches where no one cares Really, this answer wil differ from person to person. We are all different sizes, shapes, and colors and possess numerous personal preferences in the bedroom and out.

If anybody tries to force their belief or preference onto you as truth, tell them to ease up and you will make up your mind when it's made up.

Then, when you are done and when he is done, you are dizzy from being SOOO sexually satisfied that it is rediculous how satisfied you truely are from being penetrated from every angle imaginable!

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