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He also admitted he doesn’t really go out to shows anymore unless it’s for business, and that the most exciting contemporary local music he could think of is Hobosexual, a two-dude blues-rock band that sounds exactly like the other three zillion blues-rock bands on planet Earth. As I quietly shook my fist at the faithless, these are some of the excellent local records I heard this month that I imagined hurling hard physical copies of at Meinert from the audience.

Remember Face As you’ll read in Meagan Angus’ treatise on Samhain this week, fall is the season when the veil between our world and the unseen world is the thinnest.

The record, composed of two nine-minute songs, “XIII” and “XIV,” are the perfect soundtrack to this strange, liminal, spirity time of year—whirring, glacial tapestries that sound like the primordial yawn of the planet before it goes to sleep for winter.

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Enabler are a quartet from Milwaukee, have been going a few years, and while they’re pretty tricky to pin down to one style, the twelve songs on All Hail The Void pay a hefty debt to Nineties metallic hardcore.

Usefully, they have a drummer, Andy Hurley, with notable pedigree in this department – he played in the extraordinary Racetraitor, a bunch of white dudes whose name referred to their black nationalist running concept.

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