Lembit opik still dating cheeky girl park bom dating ban

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The young pop singer, who once dedicated a song to Lembit called Text Me I Love You, is reportedly ignoring his increasingly frantic text messages as their relationship of almost two years falters. And the circumstances of their 'temporary split' are even odder, with Gabriela's mother and manager Margit going 'off message' about Lembit's suitability as a future son-in-law.She claimed to the Mail yesterday that Gabriela was on the verge of a 'nervous breakdown' and had been 'rushed' into the engagement when she was still grieving for her grandmother, who'd died two weeks previously.

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Margit further revealed that Lembit had upset the family by ignoring Romanian traditions by failing to inform them of his intentions in proposing to her daughter. 'In Romania, a man will ask the father for permission to ask a girl to marry him,' huffed Margit.

'That is the Romanian tradition, but Lembit thinks and acts like an Englishman and showed no understanding of our culture at all.' Ouch.

"We do know each other from two months, but didn't actually go out together only from two weeks now. I saw her on TV and she is a very attractive woman.

"Our relationship was very platonic at the beginning and we had long chats on the phone. "I could understand the situation because anybody who would come out of a really long relationship would be hurt but I am sure she will be very happy in the end." 'Dreaming' She added: "Our relationship is really genuine and it's not out of a pantomime or anything like that.

Indeed, shrugging off criticism that the relationship was a 'joke', Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik (dubbed 'Legover Lembit') and his Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia couldn't have chosen a more showily romantic way to prove wrong all those doubters who said it would never last. in April, the Montgomeryshire MP announced their engagement and revealed how he'd proposed to Gabriela with a Tiffany diamond ring beside the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

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