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I do a reality tv program called "Lady Truckers" for a growing You Tube audience.

I fit into all kinds of different scenes, whether its a bar, we're drinking beer while shooting pool or camping and cooking over a fire, or out on the town at a club. I drive a semi truck for a living been doing it for 2 yrs. I enjoy horse back riding, watching movies, romantic dinners, going to a club once in a while, cuddling with that special someone.

But if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder..." I enjoy simplest things in My animals and my family are my life.

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People say I'm a sweet person but I'd like to think I have a bite to me ;) I don't have a type or preference. I am a very loving gal who is passionate about my work, and things that make me smile.

I'm attracted to those I vibe with and we won't know unless u talk to me. I am a stable finance professional and freelance concert photographer. I'm very fun very outgoing like going to the movies I like walks in the park I like going out to eat sometimes I like going to bars I'm laid-back I'm very smart I make my own money I do have kids I take care of my responsibilities and I'm just looking for somebody to cuddle with have fun with Single mom with two kids. That would be making a sad person laugh( so yes I have a sense of humor) I have a passion for animals and would take them all in my backyard so there would be no more abuse, oh and I'd pile all the children …

I am a grandma, I drink, I smoke, those are my terrible things. I will be clear, I am married, and I am at a point in my life where I am wanting to explore. I'm 22 years old, darkskinned , with at least 11 tattoos , I have 4 piercings on my body & I'm 5'3 πŸ˜™ I have 4 golds in my mouth !!!! I am very attractive to women but not sure im ready to be with a women, and still trying to figure out if this is what i want.

I'm from San Diego , California but is currently in the kcmo area ! 😘😘 I am a professional You Tube Entertainer and Truck Driver.

I'm a passionate person, something that's gotten me into a few tricky situations over time. I believe a person's character is defined by fulfilling their commitments and having integrity. In other words, i dont care if you are male, female I'm Ashley. In my free Like to hang with friends, going country cruising, watch football (my favorite team is the chiefs), play pool, drink and work out. In my free time I like to play games, play piano, and I am a very optimistic person, i live to care for people.

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