Mamas boy dating show

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You're starting feel like you're constantly competing for his affection when it comes to her.

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To help cope with the situation, the mother has pampered and coddled the son and somewhere in her brain, she has transferred the relationship that she had or wanted to have with the father to her baby boy.

According to psychologist Debra Mandel in her book , this creates an unhealthy attachment between mother and son making it a mutually dependent and often parasitic relationship. Unfortunately as a lover or partner, you have little to no power in this situation.

Young examples are shown sympathetically, older ones are usually Acceptable Targets because no one can be a badass if he always obeys his mother's instructions (unless she's encouraging him to be a badass which would make her more of an Action Mom).

Note the Double Standard in this trope, as a girl with a controlling father is almost never Played for Laughs.

If boundaries are part of the plan, your guy needs to communicate it to his mother. Keep in mind, some momma’s boys are perfectly fine knowing that at the end of the day, they can always run home to mommy.

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