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To curb this, Grindr recently did away with the anonymous option.

Tinder One of the most popular dating apps, almost everybody has heard of.

“We comb through men’s Facebook profiles and ensure that they are not fakes, married or in relationships and do not use pictures of celebrities as display photos, before allowing a man to come onboard.” By sliding the slider on the screen a girl can approve a guy as Thrilling or reject as him as Not Thrilling, thus rating him and moving him up or down the popularity scale.

Lows: Not surprisingly, the app is overrun by spambots.

Many fake, anonymous profiles exist and misleading information is often given on various profiles.

In the chronology of conventional and conservative dating norms, first, there was the girl, poised with a tray full of tea cups, dressed in a traditional salwar kameez, entering the room to meet her prospective life partner only when beckoned.

Next, there was, and a slew of matrimonal websites where Indian men and women logged in, created profiles, impressed each other and hoped to find a lifetime of bliss.

Canalys, an independent analyst firm, released a report in August 2013 which revealed India as the third largest market for smartphones in the world.

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