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"I knew when I met Kevin the first time, he was the one," she told AOL at the time. Her father has since made up with Undergaro, and eventually he and his wife even moved in with the two stars in Los Angeles.

Both of Menounos’ parents were on hand at the “Stern Show” on Wednesday to celebrate their daughter's new engagement.

Clearly in shock, Menounos asked several times if he was joking before accepting his hand in marriage. As Menounos revealed while promoting the show, her strict Greek father essentially cut ties with her after she began dating the Italian-American Undergaro. My dad was very upset, pretty much disowned me, took my education away." "I was now pretty much homeless, no education, no degree, but I had Keven," she continued.

" The engagement was a long time coming, as the 37-year-old Menounos, an E!

Menounos' longtime boyfriend also participated in the interview with Stern Monday, and the notoriously private TV producer spoke out about their 14-year relationship with rare candor. I'd say Derek," Undergaro replied when Stern asked if there were ever any men in Menounos' life of whom he felt jealous. This was the only time I ever wondered, yeah." Menounos upheld the impression of an are-they-aren't-they relationship with dance partner Derek Hough during this season of "Dancing With the Stars," a storyline that, coupled with her strong dance skills, helped propel her into the finals.

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