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that's hard to do especially for a single pastor.I pray if GOD desires him to remarry God will send what he needs. Sapp's "real talk" about keeping people out of his business.It will be two years this Fall since the tragic passing of his wife, Malinda Sapp, from Colon Cancer in September 2010.

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Now, it seems random women have been showing up to his home unwelcomed and Sapp is speaking out against the invasion of his space.

He started by letting women know that he did not use social media as a dating method."IMPORTANT!!!! I haven't and won't inbox you if I'm interested," Sapp let millions of people know on Facebook.

“I love geeky smart women, I really do,” he notes, but also wants the new missus to have “her own thing going on” and “be successful.” On top of the qualities she needs to have, Sapp also wants his future companion to understand her role before stepping into it. “I’m looking for a woman who has the passion and desire to want to come in and be in position in church. I know how to be faithful.” His new album ‘I Win’ is available in stores and online now. i mean he's not billy graham(not that he would remarry) he's still fairly young, AND he has three children!

Because my wife’s DNA is so strong in my church, that there’s no way possible that she’s gonna be able to come in and take over women’s ministry, and you know, desire to be co-pastor and all that.” At the end of the day, Sapp’s greatest desire is for a woman to be into him. I just want a wife.” And when he finds her, he’s going to treat her right. i dont think Melinda would expect him to remain single til he's like 75!

“The two exchanged information and immediately started corresponding after the show.

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