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For them to actually connect, they’ll need to download the Spark Starter app for themselves, and a menu gives you the option to invite them to the service if they aren’t already Spark Starter member.One of the ways Spark Starter sets itself apart from the competition is with its compatibility score, which is calculated using an algorithm that looks at things like how many mutual friends people have, their age, and what their interests are, which is derived from both the things you put in your Facebook profile’s “About” section, as well as those things that you’ve “liked” on Facebook.The Spark Starter app launched on Tuesday, and is free on i OS and Android devices.

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Shortly after his wedding, Kramer was at a friend’s wedding talking with other guests about how they got connected with their partners.

Almost all the couples he spoke to indicated they’d been matched up by a friend, Kramer knew that it was wroth exploring building an service to make it easier for matchmaking to happen digitally. Spark Starter is a Minneapolis-based company that has raised a total of $450,000 to date from the founder and unnamed investors in Minneapolis and San Francisco.

Once you vote up a match, the connection will show up in each person’s queue to judge for themselves.

If they both are interested, they can connect and the match will show up in their “My Matches” list where they can strike up a text-based conversation similar to Tinder.

A new online dating service called Spark Starter launched this week, promising to help singles find romance — with a little help from their friends.

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