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Jennifer grey and derek hough dancing with the stars wk 9 cha cha cha.

their total was 54.'i have yet to spray tan in my life, but if we get to the finale i am going to be so orange they will have no chance to give me a ten,' joked kelly.'lets get right to the news we have to deliver, ' said bergeron.'kelly, throughout the season you have held both the top and the bottom of the judges leader board.

carrie ann said you represented the spirit of the show. 'brooke then turned her attention to emmitt and cheryl.'emmitt, you lead the competition on week one but last night you found yourself at the bottom of the judges leader board for the first time.

they're trying to recover, but at the same time, i'm not letting them recover 'cause we're going right back in.".

Despite the aches and pains of gyrating every which way on the dance floor and in the rehearsal studio for the four weeks that dancing's all-star season has been in session as well as a few weeks of practice before the show's premiere, rycroft said that her injuries prior to sunday's neck and hand injury were nothing that would prevent her from dancing on the show.

did the viewers save you with their votes and send you to the finals?

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