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‘The female James Bond.’ That’s how Pierce Brosnan respectfully described his Tomorrow Never Dies co-star Michelle Yeoh. ‘I was not just a spy but physically doing all those action sequences,’ the martial arts star recalls of her time spent machine-gunning baddies in a leather catsuit.

‘Pierce is always going to be my darling because he understood that audiences want to see women, strong women, as equal to the guys.’ When it comes to kicking ass and performing death-defying stunts, the elegant Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress more than holds her own against the boys.

‘I was told I could never dance that way again,’ she says. Through this, she gained skills she soon incorporated into her fledgling career in Hong Kong martial arts movies, evolving a trademark balletic fight style, which reached its pinnacle in the jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics of Crouching Tiger.

Even the non-action roles she’s recently favoured, such as playing Burmese democracy pioneer Aung San Suu Kyi in recent biopic The Lady, or a prostitute in the Hollywood adaptation of Memoirs Of A Geisha, are distinguished by a distinct physical poise.

‘I love my martial arts and action movies,’ she says.

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