Mountain bike dating

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All rentals must be paid in full at time of reservation for the reservation to be valid.The rental period begins at 9 am Mon-Thurs, 8 am Fri-Sun, and ends at the close of business (6 pm).

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For instance: "Ripley Lg: 6'1" - 190 lb - SPD; HDR Med: 5'9" - 170 lb - Time".

Feel free to leave any other comments or relevant info here too.

The bike is very fast going up, and scary fast going down.

Comparable to the Santa Cruz Bronson C, try it out on everything. This bike has 130 mm of travel, 27.5 plus wheels that allow you to run up to 2.8 plus size tires.

We look forward to seeing you and setting you up with an awesome ride!

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