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We analyze the link between the shrinkage function used by the algorithm and the fact that the result belongs to $l^2$, $l^1$ and $l^0$ space.Experimental results are also reported to show the potential application of the proposed algorithm.Further, a preconditioning based on the Voronoi cell size of each NUFT data point speeds up the conjugate gradient optimization used as part of the optimization algorithm.

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We hope that this paper will contribute to the appreciation and apprehension of a stream of current research directions in image understanding.

Keywords: Review; Multiscale; Geometric representations; Oriented decompositions; Scale-space; Wavelets; Atoms; Sparsity; Redundancy; Bases; Frames; Edges; Textures; Image processing; Haar wavelet; Non-Euclidean wavelets Abstract: MRI has recently been identified as a promising application for compressed-sensing-like regularization because of its potential to speed up the acquisition while maintaining the image quality.

More precisely, we design the prediction operators by minimizing the variance of the detail coefficients.

Concerning the update filters, we propose a new optimization criterion which aims at reducing the inherent aliasing artifacts.

This paper is thus also a self contained tutorial on model selection with orthogonal bases dictionary.

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