Muslim dating realities

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was keen on the sinus-clearing stench of perfume at a matrimonial meet-and-greet in D. Picture hordes of single men running towards single women and plates of biryani.

But it isn’t all tall, handsome doctors (that’s stereotypically what a Muslim girl should hope for) and buffets.

The convention, which has been going on for two decades, has earned the reputation of being “club ISNA.” Misha says that while you’re supposed to be getting closer to God, people are getting “down and dirty.” Naqeeb says there are definitely some lewd characters on the prowl looking to score.

I’m told that these conferences have become so popular (and so sexually charged) because it’s like a Spring Break for Muslims.

C., sometimes referred to as the “ultimate hookup spot.” Still, sexual liberation is a tricky thing, especially for the women: by breaking from tradition, especially in a society where men may want to have sex with you but marry someone more “pure,” how free can you truly be?

Muslim dating realities

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