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An example of a single rule validators in j Query Validate is "accept".

To automatically create an adapter for a single value validator, you can call the following helper method: adapter Name is the name of the adapter, and matches the name of the rule in the HTML element.

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Is there a way to show the errors in modal-popup only.

NET MVC 2, we shipped both client- and server-side validation support.

In addition to setting the flag, you will also need to include three script files: j Query (~/Scripts/jquery-1.4.1.js), j Query Validate (~/Scripts/jquery.validate.js) and the MVC plugin for unobtrusive client validation with j Query Validate (~/Scripts/jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js).

An interesting note: since there is no actual Java Script being emitted when you use unobtrusive client validation, if you forget to include the scripts, you won’t see any errors when loading the page; the form values will simply not validate on the client side.

Writing a client-side validator involves two steps: writing the validator for j Query Validate, and writing the adapter which takes the parameter values from the HTML attributes and turns it into j Query Validate metadata.

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