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And certainly, the device of putting a girl in the body of a boy and vice versa is mined for a great deal of comedy.

“You sure do like your boobs,” says Mitsuha’s little sister, when, finding himself in a girl’s body yet again, Taki can’t resist giving himself a quick grope.

There’s a bunch of stuff written so I’ll just summarize the basics of what they said about each person. For Arashi as a group, the AV actress Aya committed suicide in 2010 and afterwards, tabloids reported like crazy that she slept with all of the Arashi members except Sho, who absolutely hated her.

I’m sure everyone already knows about Aiba’s half-naked leaked photos with model Yamano Yuri, and the purikura he took with her that says “we got married!

The film opens with an arresting shot of a meteor falling to earth – it’s a story element which will go on to have central importance in this fascinating narrative tangle.

But at the start of the picture, it mainly serves to showcase the heart-swelling loveliness of the animation.

And i want to tell her that she is the most perfect and gorgeous girl that i have ever seen in my entire life and i want to meet her if i am giving a chance to meet her and i want to tell her that she is my inspiration, that she is the only reason why i am happy every day, every time, and every single second of my life.

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