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Charlotte Bobcats game, the team which Nelly owns a minority share.Several fans were in the building and caught camera phone snaps of Cornell and Shantel kickin’ it court side.Her head is cocked to the side, she slyly peers out from the corner of her eye, lips moist, not quite smiling. Eye Candy is a blowout of a regular XXL feature spotlighting attractive young women in cheesecake outfits and poses (this issue of the magazine’s spine carries the truth-in-advertising appellation “T&A ETC.”).

However, we are told that Nelly has a new R&B song ready to drop any day now called “Thanks To My Ex” that might leave Floyd Mayweather and some of the ladies in his life with hurt feelings!

We ain’t Miss Cleo, but we see Twitter rants and subliminal Instagram posts in a few folks future!

Meet the 10 most famous video eye-candy, who have diversified their hustle by expanding into acting, publishing, endorsements, music careers and reality TV.

Click on to get familiar with the most notable vixen's bodies and bodies of work.

Eventually a crewmember came in and regulated the situation; he could see how terrified I was about even moving an inch. One pinched me, another walked around me, a gentleman poked me with his cane, a lady used her parasol to ascertain that all was ‘natural.’ Master Hendrick sometimes used a long piece of bamboo to prod me around or move me forward or backwards.

Nelly dating melyssa ford

"Tinder is such a meat market and we felt that there were no platforms that made us feel comfortable and not shameful to go on as single women.…
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