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Melody - lol, bad, but still salvagable The prize winner has to be Aeode - lol, bleached her hair in an attempt to hide from the vamps, but posting said pics on myspace... hard to find ooc pics because Adriana Lima and Alexandria have almost matching facial expressions/demeanour. Okay, I've been really trying to get my mind out of the gutter, but every time I come into this thread, it's epic fail. By the way, I think I have one more suggestion to throw out there, because... I will take this comment as evidence that Katie free time = raving sex fiend. Oooh, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Atropa. In both social and romantic situations, however, you almost always get what you want. Consider: The Priss (DBLD) Always Avoid: The Playstation (RGSM) The Peach (RGLM)eeek, Dominic is so not Boy Next Door : P For Aeode - The Window Shopper Loving, hopeful, open. Youre a genuinely sweet person, not saccharine at all, so its likely that the relationships you have had and will have will be happy ones.

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(If it's too specific to your characters though, then I could just make an "anything goes" prompt every once and a while.) Btw, anyone else reading this, if you have any ideas for future OOC prompts, please PM them to me :) Or Esteban will steal your 8yr old's motorbike and cry when he doesn't know how to ride it. Man, I love Kristen Bell, she's so much fun this thread is brilliant! ;) ETA; Ghani just made an excellent point, about there being no MC pairings listed, so I of course have to add the one we all know I was going to add; Gabriel and Kate! So, since we've spent the last few weeks thinking about OOC relationships and our characters, for the next prompt.... type=DBLD&g=1&o=1 The Mixed Messenger Deliberate Brutal Love Dreamer (DBLD) Just.....fucking...flower...darling. Youre looking for love, but youll always maintain your independence.

: D Valerian the Fashion Victim cracked me up and Esteban's face in that last pic is just hilarious. Also, I've forgotten the most obvious one of them all, which has already been discussed several times; Lena/Lola seducing Adrien. : DOoh, I'd like to see Beyonca and Adrien too, actually. Lol, Adrien really needs to wisen up to this inherent sexual tension around him! PROMPT 03: DATING PERSONA Take the following dating persona quiz for your character and post the results here: If you don't have an okcupid account, then you can use the following name and password to take the test: username: oocrpg password: oocrpg1 Note: For the part where you have to write in 3 adjectives to describe you, I just mash the keyboard. Youre prepared for a real commitment, but its also likely that youre ambitious, which creates a certain romantic tension and ambivalence within you.

Oh and I vote for the ooc scenarios too, I already have one in mind :lol: Here are mine: Prompt1Aeode, the Myspace camwhore edition Prompt1Melody, apparently trying to match styles with Valerian up there Prompt1And Moira, auditioning for a Lolita remake :wtf: LOL @ Moira! Maybe Adrien's sexual tension will catch up to him in an enormous Roman style orgy, and Beyonca will take notes? I'm working the nightshift until the 4th, and thus am working during my most creative hours, so all writing is taking me longer than usual, since I'm usually not feeling it during the day. With your friends, youre a little bit more part of the pack.

A misguided attempt to hang onto her youth there : P She does look utterly adorable, though. Josh wearing a wife beater (and a wife) and looking rather dubious and far from puppyish: Beyonca does like to sit back and watch, but Adrien seems to always get the curiosity in her going. She would probably do something before she relized what she was doing.robokitty - *lol* Adrien ravaged by various women... : D Or I guess maybe I should say various people, given some of the suggestions here. Don't know how I'll work my usual hat tip in, but it shall be done. Katie doesn't know what to do with spare time because she makes sure she doesn't have any. I don't know if anyone remembers the Victorian times RP, but gads I loved that RP so much, so I'll be posting a Thomas/Amanda one later, and maybe a James/Eugenie. Katie doesn't know what to do with spare time because she makes sure she doesn't have any. But, I hope you'll leave the LJ up and open even after you post the next prompt, right, robokitty? Youre well-liked but youre not the uninhibited type, so the spotlights often on someone else. You take love as opportunities come, which can lead to a high-anxiety, but high-flying romantic life.

(inspired by a pic exchange with Atropa :bunny: ) Post for as many or as few of your characters as you want, just follow board rules as far as NSFW/PG-13 content goes.

Okcupid dating persona test maid of honor

I do not need to find a rich man, but hope that you are a man who is not much in debt, easily pays his bills, owns his house and a car, and has sufficient income that there are no economic pressures in our life.…
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