Okcupid dating persona window shopper

by  |  19-Aug-2014 14:16

OK Cupid is regarded as the more thoughtful precursor to apps such as Grindr and Tinder.

Where the last two rely on pictures and quick-fire chat, OK Cupid uses personality quizzes to calculate compatibility, along with elaborate written profiles to showcase people’s personalities.

It uses Facebook as an anchor in “real life” to reassure users, but how real is Facebook as a reflection of ourselves?

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It’s interesting to look at how the app pressurises its male users to stand out, perhaps driving them to come on too strong in conversation.

Lacking freedom of visual expression, Irish men on Tinder appear as nocturnal creatures with glazed eyes and clammy skin, stumbling across dance floors or drinking pints.

You don’t need to agonise over elaborately composed profiles: all you need is a Facebook account and a picture.

Your profile comprises your first name, age, photo and pages you have “liked” on Facebook.

It removed profile pictures for some, while for others it removed text.

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