Omarosa dating show tv one dating advice for single guys

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Black courting, African American dating is significantly different than some of the other cultural dating norms.

Omarosa dating show tv one

wasn’t just about Trump setting up Omarosa (and Toccara Jones in the second, and last, season).

It was also about the 12 contestants selected, half of whom were wealthy while the other six were not — and only Trump knew which was which.

Per an application obtained by Daily Beast, the series’ main focus was obviously money — specifically how much money potential contestants made.

And, of course, how much they’d owe Trump and his team if they ever broke the required non-disclosure agreement: I agree to pay Producer and the Network the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) per breach plus disgorgement of any income that I may receive in connection with my breach as liquidated damages in the event I breach any of the confidentiality provisions of this Application and Agreement prior to the initial exhibition of the final episode of the Program.

There are a host of other ordinary requests for information, including prompts to “Describe your perfect date” and “How would your best friends describe you?

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