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Want to get opinions/feelings of people out there who are 'healthy' or not. If it were something that they had no control over prolly yes if it was through behavior (such as std ) and they hadnt changed their behavior ...

Would you date someone with a chronic disease like Parkinsons', MS, Bi-polar, etc. Just my opinion and I dont have a disease but I do have a disorder.dghen Wasn't thinking of communicable diseases.

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The reason I ended it.................knew early on that I had PD, promised it didn't matter. LOL ummmm I have a blood disorder that I developed about 61/2 yrs ago. took a long time after loosing the leg to come out of my shell........finally.

As I watched a close family member deteriorate and pass from a chronic disease, by MYSELF, because he wouldn't go viisit or be there for me, I 'suddenly' realized he wouldn't be there if I became an invalid. My blood now is to thick, gave me a blood clot in my artery, walked on it for 6 mos .........leg. but I do disclose it before going out with someone ie meeting for the first time. it is not something that would have to be told till YOU are comfortable with telling them..... Had to figure out for myself that we all have or will have a health crisis at some point in our lives.. TYDana dang it hit the wrong emoticon................lolback to OP I hope we can find someone before we r 85 or I have a looooonng way to got out of the relationship you did........that would have been traumatic...guy I was dating when I got sick hospital after amputation and gave me a dozen roses stayed 15 mins left never to be heard of again....that is what took a bit to get over.

Of course, someone who cares about you would rather you not have an illness.

But as much as he would like to see you healthy, Mr.

If you knew that about someone, how much effort would you want to put into a developing a close relationship??? I had my thyroid removed as a child so have to take medication for it the rest of my life.

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