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An open date on a food product is a date stamped by the manufacturer on a product’s package to ensure quality.

An open date must be clearly visible to retail consumers.

Also, closed date coding schemes may change over time.

Example: A packing code of E731B would translate as follows: E = October7 = 199731 = 31st day of the month B = A plant location The following is their 12 month cycle. Example: A code of 28304 deciphers to be:2 - discard this number8 = 1998304 = the 304th day of the year or October 31st Thus 28304 is October 31st, 1998 HEALTHY CHOICE: First character is a number, second is a letter with the remaining characters being a lot ID.

The letter "I" is not used because it can be confused with the number "1". The number is the year it was packed with the letter being the month, October = A, November = B, December = C, January = D, and so on through the year. HORMEL PRODUCTSTheir packing code is a letter followed by five numbers.

​The Julian date usually represents the date the product was manufactured or packaged.

In spite of the fact that increasing numbers of food processing companies are moving to open dating it is not yet universal.

A = June E = October J = February B = July F = November K = March C = August G = December L = April D = September H = January M = May HANOVER FOODS CORP. The letter is their plant location and the numbers are the dating code in a MM-DD-Y format.

Open dating food

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