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I'm having synchronization problems after moving folders by dragging Reorganizing folders in Outlook via drag-and-drop can cause synchronization issues in GSSMO.If you moved folders in this way and now some of your data isn't syncing, create a new profile and data should start syncing properly again.If you’ve disconnected from all of your social network services and are still missing contacts in Outlook, then something else is going on.

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Enterprise Software Thread, Shared Calendars - Permissions Not Working! We are experiencing some issues with shared calendars in Exchange, in that all members of staff are able ...

You can contact Microsoft directly to make a case for supporting a specific feature in Office 365, by submitting your idea to Microsoft's Office 365 feedback and suggestions site at https://office365.uservoice.com/For a list of issues that have been resolved, click here.

Many of the issues have also been solved in the 2013 Q1 updates for both Outlook 2013 and the backend of itself.

If you are still having issues, try adding the contacts to a group in or recreating the contact.

The GSSMO icon in the Windows system tray is showing up as offline Either your network connection is down, or Outlook might have switched into offline mode, for example, after a password reset.

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