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The official national sport of Pakistan is field hockey, but cricket and squash are the most popular sports.

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One of the most important of the few examples of the Persian style of architecture is the tomb of the Shah Rukn-i-Alam in Multan.

During the Mughal era, design elements of Islamic-Persian architecture were fused with, and often produced playful forms of, local art, resulting in the establishment of Mughal Architecture.

The pre-eminent form of poetry in Pakistan almost always originates in Persian, due in part to the long-standing affiliation and heavy admiration the regions rulers once had for certain aspects of foreign Persian culture.

The enthusiasm for poetry exists at a regional level as well, with nearly all of Pakistan's provincial languages continuing the legacy.

Since the independence of the country in 1947 and establishment of Urdu as the national language, poetry is written in that language as well.

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