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If you relay legal advice to a client, be sure your communication indicates the advice is from the attorney. Do not predict the outcome of the client matter to a client.Here are three (3) ways a paralegal is often utilized to communicate with clients.You may be asked to conduct the interview alone or to assist the attorney in conducting the interview.

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Paralegals cant get away from the fact that everything we do involves communication.

Whether it is communicating with a client, the court, a judge or even the local copy shop, we need to know how to communicate.

As liaison, you must thoroughly understand the legal concepts of confidential communications, work-product and conflicts of interest.

You must also understand the dangers of giving legal advice which is often sought. Clients Communication, Correspondence and Guidance 1. Communication is the process of exchanging information and ideas.

personal knowledge or otherwise develop leads, identify physical evidence and evaluate potential remedies.

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