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Yet the major military operations in Syria and Iraq have come with the costs of devastation and immense human suffering.

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“The coming victory of Assad is being publicly welcomed by most Christian leaders who see him as a defender of Christians and other minorities against the forces of violent Sunni forces like ISIS and al-Qaeda,” the Philos Project’s Nicholson said. “Private conversations reveal a deep concern about increasing Islamist sentiments around the region, both Sunni and Shi’a.

Forced to choose between ISIS and Assad, Syrian Christians are simply choosing the least-bad option.” Indeed, while the Assad government has been relatively tolerant of Christians, the civil war involvement of radical Shi’a groups like the Iranian-backed Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah—which has supported the Assad government—could be a future concern for Syrian Christians.

Yes, it took me a good 2 years to get over the 'trauma' and give this another go. What is tedious is sealing the dough without destroying the spiral pattern. Hence I am not putting a recipe here for the filling.

Apparently the secret to getting the mooncake to bloom like a snail shell....'The traditional filling for this is yam but there is nothing to stop you from putting your own spin into this by using a lotus or bean paste or whatever takes your fancy. If your shortening is hard, soften it in the microwave before using.

Similarly, in Iraq, government forces backed by a U.

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