Plane dating

by  |  25-Jan-2017 16:24

First, take inventory, look around, are they reading something?What have they shoved into the seat back pocket for later? Since you’re on an unofficial date, (in your mind), pretend you’re at a bar and offer the object of your affection a drink of their own.

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Virgin Atlantic said it was relaxed about the new Mile Hi app.

A spokeswoman said: 'Networking in the sky isn't necessarily new as many business meetings have taken place at our Upper Class bar.

You traded a good percentage of your paycheck to wedge yourself in a row of strangers as you rocket through the sky.

No one looks forward to sharing that much personal space, not even the people in first class.

I know it sounds mean, but make fun of them, comment on what exactly everyone else is doing. Who on the plane is going to have sex in the bathroom? Now that you’ve got that all figured out, you better sort out your next trip.

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