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Do you know of any poly dating sites to sign up at?

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In swinging, the intent is to engage in non-monogamous sexual behavior without the development of love, affection or personal intimacy between oneself and the secondary partners.

Swingers generally seek to engage in recreational sex without emotional intimacy.

(Heck, some are involved in less than one.) Some people think the definition is a bit loose, but it's got to be fairly roomy to fit the wide range of poly arrangements out there. Polyamory pre-supposes that all people involved consent to this arrangement, and are honest about what is going on.

Polyamory is a relationship style that involves an openness to be being involved with more than one person at the same time. Polyamory is NOT swinging There is a major distinction to be made between what is called "Swinging" and Polyamory.

The two essential ingredients of the concept of "polyamory" are "more than one" and "loving." That is, it is expected that the people in such relationships have a loving emotional bond, are involved in each other's lives multi-dimensionally, and care for each other.

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