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Respond in order to get in the last word (MIC DROP). Respond by asking 101 questions for an article you're writing.

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But now that I think about it, that was my watershed moment,” says Laura.

“She had been deserted by her family while I had my grandmother and aunts, who came to check on me,” she says of the moment she realised she had all the support she needed in the world.

A week before my own re-haunting, I encountered who were on the receiving end of similar un-ghosting advances. Here's what Tim told me when I asked him to explain his actions: "Older = fewer options = more thoughts of the past." He's nothing if not eloquent, don't you think? Sure, it was easy to ignore that pleasant man/woman who expressed initial interest in you and thus appeared "too easy" to warrant intrigue at first.

Which left me to wonder, Carrie Bradshaw-style, why is un-ghosting becoming a more common occurrence? But now that you're turning 30 (or something close to 30 that might as This is #adulting, right? The theory, in short, explains how having more options renders a person less capable of making a decision.

"It would be kind of insulting." Even so, there may be hope.

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