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If we drill down into some big data, we can find where the major interest for chatlines reside.

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This day marked the start of the Battle for Singapore, which ended on 15 February 1942 – the day the British officially surrendered Singapore to the Japanese.

Battle for Singapore: After crossing the Johor Straits via the Northwest of Singapore, the Japanese troops made their way down to Bukit Timah as they looked to seize the British petrol, oil and supply depots located in the area.

There was also the constant fear of the Kempeitai (Japanese military police), who were always on the lookout for dissidents attempting to rebel against the Japanese forces.

Banana Notes were introduced during the Japanese Occupation as a new currency.

Forced to retreat by the Japanese to the area along Bukit Chandu on 14 February, the Malay Brigade managed to counter a sneak attack by the Japanese and showed their resilience by engaging in hand-to-hand combat when their ammunition ran out.

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