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Depending on the model, his employer pays between 55 and 63 Pakistan rupees per ball ( ppkistan nayka sex vido-77 .65 to

Some 500,000 people live here -- 3 million if you include the commuter belt -- and most of them are proud of themselves and their city.

It outsources to more than 100 stitching centers like Danayal.

It sells the balls to German sports company Adidas for between €5 and €10 per ball, no one here wants to state the exact price.

The ACB added they would honour the fixtures, providing they are played at a neutral venue.

.75, €0.48 to €0.55). His boss is standing close by so he quickly adds: "But it's not little either." He gets paid every Saturday and has to feed a family of six with his wages.

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Freie Mitarbeit unter anderem für das "Stader Tageblatt" und die Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa im Südasienbüro in Neu Delhi, Indien. A few red chimneys from brick factories, their tips blackened with soot, jut into the sky.

Ab 2000 Volontariat bei der "Heilbronner Stimme", anschließend dort Politikredakteur. Flat, crumbling buildings are dotted around with windows like arrow slots. In one of these houses in Sambrial, a few kilometers outside Sialkot on Pakistan's border with India, Shaukat is sitting on a short-legged chair next to 20 other men. He has been working for this independent stitching factory, Danayal, for eight years. But Shaukat is glad that millions of people around the world like football -- maybe not in Pakistan and not really in the entire region of South Asia, but in the rest of the world.

First you get the sub-subcontractors -- the stitching centers, the backroom workshops, the one-man businesses.

Add to that the subcontractors, the transport firms, the customs offices, the sports equipment giants, the advertising industry, the sports good retailers and the department stores.

Politicians and executives scrutinized foreign markets and adopted the standards of their Western partners.

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