Prison break by michal skofil pj brennan and kieron richardson dating in real life

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The hit show that has been off the air since ending in 2009 is coming back, and now spoilers are starting to roll out.

One of the biggest questions is how Michael Scofield’s return will be explained, but one way or another, it will happen.

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In an interview with the "Today Show" on NBC, Miller shared a few things that fans can look forward to in "Prison Break" season 5.

Although he has not exactly revealed how his character will come back from the dead, he said he feels privileged to reprise the role because he never thought he would come back to the show after it ended in 2009, according to the Parent Herald.

In fact, he'll help his wife with the plot to break her ex-husband out of prison.

"I don't think it's just a love triangle," Cheuring teased.

When Fox first announced that "Prison Break" will come back for season 5, fans became very excited.

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