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So, too, would a New York village where they make wine served at the White House--yet tastings at the winery are still free. He's got a gold tooth and a gold hoop in his left ear, but his mate lovingly wears the matching earring on a chain around her neck (and brings him coffee on deck).

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We logged 368,000 votes in our seventh annual contest to choose the best hometown escapes in America. A nail-biter of a finish that crashed our website (temporarily, of course!

) and resulted in our first-ever tie for first place. How about a place where the local dump doubles as an art gallery.

"We're pretty darn proud of what we've built here," says Mayor Emery Cummings, who has lived in Hammondsport for every one of his 54 years, "and we're hoping to keep it the way it's always been." Getting there: Elmira Corning Regional Airport (40 miles); Greater Rochester International Airport (87 miles) #3 Weaverville, Calif.: Pop. Chinese immigrants, facing discrimination in ports such as San Francisco, were welcomed here and ultimately accounted for up to 25 percent of the Rush-era population.

3,600 You expect certain trappings in any Gold Rush town. "Some of our staff looks at this place as a museum piece you just have to keep clean and take care of," says guide Jack Frost.

803 Nashville didn't start out as a music town-not this Nashville, anyway.

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