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They emigrated from Pakistan to Australia, and changed the spelling of their last name to Bachaus. I am trying to find relatives of Lawrence and Hazel Backhouse. My mother was Audree Rowland and as far as I know they all came from York.

Submitted by: Christine Matovich Address: 9211 NW 25th Avenue, Vancouver, Washington 98665, USA email: [email protected] I am looking for information on Richard Brown Backhouse, born in Helmsley, Yorkshire in 1910 and emigrated to Canada in 1949, and his parents who would have lived in Yorkshire all their lives. As I am coming to Yorkshire soon any information would be gratefully accepted. Submitted by: Steven Paul Durham email: [email protected] I am trying to trace the parents of Stephen Backhouse born 1816 in Ellerton, East Yorkshire.

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Harriet’s birth date is online as April 27, 1813 but in the family bible that is with our family, she recorded her own birth date as April 27, 1812…there in lies my quest – was Mary pregnant and banished from West Bromwich to Melsonby?

did Joseph sneak away to Barnsley to marry Mary in secret before he left to serve in the war?

She had three brothers and two of them, Cyril and Harold (Backhouse), came with her to the USA in the 1920s.

I would like to contact anyone that know any of my family.

I’m researching all six of them that married: Eccleston, Pickup, Ponsonby, Scholes, Sykes & Woffenden. I’m trying to solve the mystery of how my 3x great grandmother Mary Bagley from Melsonby Yorkshire was able to meet Joseph Richards from Spon Lane, West Bromwich in Staffordshire in the early 1800’s…He was Corporal in the Napoleonic War and was wounded, came home to West Bromwich then died May 30, 1815.

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